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I apologize for going a bit off topic in terms of my usual subject matter, but after I was struck by an alarmingly common wordpress glitch,  my posts disappearing, for no apparent reason, moments after I hit the "publish" button, I felt the need to draw attention to this issue. This morning I wrote a blog post, and then it unexplainably disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again, not even in my drafts folder. I wasted an hour of the usual freelance writing daily routine scrambling to retrieve it, and reading forums, that revealed that unfortunately, for some reason, this is happening on wordpress a lot, because of a glitch in the system. If you've ever lost a draft of something you spent a long time on you know that it makes throwing that computer that wasn't exactly cheap, across the room momentarily feel like the most rational activity in the world. As I type this I sincerely hope that it won't happen to me twice in one day. Wordpress is a good system but its autosave feature can sometimes, unpredictably behave in a glitchy fashion; if you have a wordpress blog, save, save a lot, or use a tip I found online: save everything to Google Drive as a backup, just in case, so that if wordpress crashes, at least it's still there. Weebly is my third web platform, that I've used for my writing. When I set it up I heard that it has a blog feature. At one point I considered switching my blog from wordpress to Weebly (I already have a weebly hosted website, and I'm also currently setting up a website for my boyfriend's company on Weebly,) but I switched my blog from blogspot to wordpress last spring, and I'm not so sure I want to switch again. There are ways to remedy this issue, but for some reason none of them seem to be working for me: (maybe it's just my computer and/or internet, I don't know.) All I know is that I don't want WordPress to glitch out, and lose my blog post, ever again.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Mess

  1. I know that I am commenting like a month too late but I was wondering whether you switched to weebly or not? I am thinking of switching from Weebly to WordPress for 2 reasons. The one is that I am having the same disappearing post issues you are talking about but with Weebly. I submitted a ticket but they just responded saying that they can’t recreate the problem. (ie that I am just incompetent)
    And the second reason is that I am using the free version and so Weebly seems to have blocked me blog from Google, my blog doesn’t show up on google no matter how specific my search tags are. :/
    Hope that you got your problem sorted out.

    1. I use weebly for my website, and WordPress for my blog. Turns out it was just a fluke on my end (according to WordPress I published a page instead of a post by accident.) What I highly recommend is saving drafts as much possible, and writing the blog post in Microsoft word first and then copying and pasting it, so that if something goes wrong you always have a backup copy. The weebly free version has a limited amount of available features, however WordPress’ free version is fantastic (in my opinion.) Hope that helps -Rosemary

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