Who Am I?

professional photo 2I have Dyspraxia, a motor planning and spatial processing disability and it profoundly influenced my desire to write. Thanks to Dyspraxia learning how to read and write happened at a slower rate than my peers, and I had a hard time fitting in with people my age when I was a child. As soon as I figured out how to read and write I fell in love, and became extremely fascinated with storytelling and language. I'm also the daughter of a Toronto based, professional actor, which has allowed me the unique privilege of spending a lot of time on film and theatre sets. Before I turned 12 I became an avid reader, and started to keep a diary, and write stories and poems, by age 15 I wrote my first one act play, and by age 17 my first play was performed, at a youth theatre festival. Shortly after the final performance of my first ever play I discovered blogging. I have a strong writing, arts, and journalism background, and have worked with a variety of independent arts organizations and not for profits. This has helped me excel at writing, researching, and developing content, that successfully engages with a variety of audiences.  In June 2014, after completing my undergraduate studies I took a risk that none of my peers were taking: I started freelancing for websites, blogs, and local businesses. Currently I write non-fiction,  and web and blog content for local businesses, on a freelance basis. For more info about my work as a writer visit my website: http://www.rosemaryrichings.com. Want to be my new writing client? Email me via the following email address: rmayrichings@gmail.com.

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