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Dear readers,

I know it's been a while since I've written anything on this blog but I've been too busy slowing launching my writing career to have any time for writing for fun.  This post is all about updates. I'm proud to say that I'm only two weeks from officially graduating university and slowly but surely my many years of hard work on my writing is starting to pay off. In May and June I started actively writing for multiple, local Toronto arts publications and websites. I've started pitching articles ideas to a variety of magazines as well. 

Currently I'm a  Adone magazine, Trueblue Magazine, and The Rusty Toque contributor. I'm also working on a film review on spec for POV Magazine so I may or may not be a long term contributor in the future. The publication date for my writing assignments are TBA but I'm actively doing writing for all of these magazines. I'm also trying  to get 6 of my poems published. These are the only writing related things that have been officially confirmed thus far. I will continue to blog whenever I have time however it's becoming difficult to find the time to sit down and update my website. 

Well that's all for now! Hope I can count you all in as future readers of all my upcoming assignments. All these magazines are very active on twitter. Check out their twitter feed for further publication updates. 

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Hi, I’m Rosemary, and I’m a copywriter, editor, and content strategist that specializes in website and blog content for B2C retail and E-Commerce brands. My goal is to help businesses break the communication barriers between consumers and the products they purchase in their everyday lives. So where might you have seen my work? I’ve been featured on popular sites, such as ProBlogger, Search Engine Journal, and Stories by Buffer, and I’ve worked with brands such as E-Bay and Yellowpages. When I’m not working on client projects or studying for my Editing classes, I’m often consuming large amounts of coffee, while enjoying old crime dramas, or listening to indie rock. For more info about my work visit my website, www.rosemaryrichings.com.