Train ride in a dream

On a train ride
in which
we're going

to places
we've never

meeting new people
and following
the lead

so sit down
get comfy
and take a seat

were we are going
we all know
for sure

but what to expect
is only based
on what we have heard

passing beautiful
small towns
and observing

the endlessly
changing view

at every new stop
passing the towns
no one has ever been

but people come from many places
and get on
at every stop.

After a while
it's the same old pattern
the same old thing

the places we're passing
become the same old pattern
the same old thing

the places we're passing
become a pattern once again
so then I find

the girl beside me
wants to talk
so we keep on talking for a little while

time passes from jokey conversation
as we pass the stops.

people turn their eves
in amazement
of the changing sight

Last stop calls conductor
and we all get off
lead by the leader

who knows the way
we follow see statues and animals
the statues and animals we have never seen

the statues
so interesting
and from a far off time

the animals
of absolutely
no familiarity.

So many questions
but they do not appear
to be heard at all

so we just keep walking
because the leader
is starting to move again.

I was shorter
and I knew that you
could lift more than me

so when we looked
at everything
you lifted me

ever so kindly and without a word
above your head
to get a better view

when you got tired
of lifting me
you put me down

we just keep walking
and looking at everything
absolutely new and so unknown

We all kept moving
for good long time

and we just kept walking
and moving along

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1 thought on “Train ride in a dream

  1. Rosebud, is this a memory of travelling out west on the train .. in part? I love that the narrator is lifted up by someone kind, and that there is a sense of acceptance and wonder.

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