Tragic refrain: a poetic dedication

It's a known dance
a tragic refrain

All you really know
heading towards the end

But did it all
have meaning?

or are we in
for something

we were just waiting for
all along.

All this comes from
that stranger

in the dark

large intelligence

enough to decipher

in the form
of more than one

Your exploration consists
of just one question:

Is there even meaning
in the most important thing for humankind?

Your characters
like yourself
begin to question such things

Yet I admit we respect
your brilliance

Even after
long refrains
of time

life to you
is everything
but religion

and all really
it does say

is the telling of multiple

and the impeccable
waiting game
for the end

welcome to
the fascination

is not the truth of life

in your mind
and within your circular
stories of mind

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