The New Year, New You Mentality

Every year at this time I see headlines plastered all over magazine covers that somewhat bother me, even though I know there's nothing I can do about it. All of them say the same thing: "new year, new you." It's not always those exact words stated in big, bold letters but it's the jist of the headlines that unfortunately sell magazines.  So many of those headlines promise to teach the reader how to lose weight, find love if they haven't already done so, be better in bed, etc.

I find it odd that what sells is this idea that who we are isn't good enough. There's way too many articles out there on how to be a little thinner, be a lot more attractive to whatever gender(s) we're attracted to, dress in a way that's different than what we're comfortable with, etc.

One day I was at a checkout counter at a grocery store with my boyfriend and I took one look at the headlines on the nearby magazines and said: "what if they dedicated an entire issue to celebrities that are doing just fine, and living non-scandalous, modest lifestyles? Do you think that would sell magazines?" I prefer honest perceptions of famous people where the editorial staff isn't afraid to show them doing "normal," universal activities such as attending a son or daughter's graduation or a going to a nearby grocery store in sweatpants.

At some point I would love to write an article on how sexy and wonderful self-love and confidence is, and how to love yourself a whole lot more. I don't know who would publish that sort of thing but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. I think that more people need to spread the importance of self love but I'm not exactly sure if tweaking who you are on the outside and scandal sells more than the idea of loving yourself a whole lot more.

I'm a 100% okay with goal setting. That's a great thing actually. I do that all the time, and am constantly trying to acquire more knowledge and learn new skills, without putting a massive dent in my wallet. That's different than the self-destructive belief that who we are as people isn't good enough. This "new year, new you" mentality is bad for everyone and needs to come an end. We need to focus more on making who we already are work in the environment that we live in.

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1 thought on “The New Year, New You Mentality

  1. I agree 100% – my goals are basically things that are not tangential (aside from making sure I get the right amount of nutrients and so forth for my health and yoga and the gym to help with my anxiety) but otherwise, I just hope to chill out, practice Buddhism more to help me with my anxiety, and to write more. You are very correct that we are constantly told we aren’t good enough, but if we were told that we were good enough, capitalism and consumerism wouldn’t have much success, would they? Happy New Year, you good enough as you are being. 🙂

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