the long overdue book recommendation list ( copied from the book list I posted on my facebook account)

Every writer is inspired by the books they read and continue to be inspired by them throughout their lives. The following is a book recommendation list I put together recently and posted on facebook. For some reason I didn't think to put this list on my blog until recently. These are books I find inspiring, extraordinary, and interesting. This list will never be complete.Feel free to agree, disagree or comment in any way. I'm always open for discussion.

Book/poetry/ play recommendations:

1. Of mice and men by: John Steinbeck
2. 1984 by: George Orwell
3. Stories and Texts for Nothing by: Samuel Beckett
4. Travels with Charlie By: John Steinbeck
5. The Lovely Bones By: Alice Seabold
6. Down and Out in Paris and London by: George Orwell
7. Secret Carnival Workers By: Paul Haines
8. The Almost Moon By: Alice Seabold
9. The Pearl By: John Steinbeck
10. Waiting for Godot By: Samuel Beckett
11. Why I write (an essay) By: George Orwell
12. The Cherry Orchard By: Anton Chekhov
13. The Hanging (an essay) By: George Orwell
14. Leaves of Grass by: Walt Whitman
12. Three sisters By: Anton Chekhov
13. White Biting Dog by: Judith Thompson
14. A Room of One's Own By: Virginia Woolf
15. Endgame By: Samuel Beckett
16. The Crackwalker By: Judith Thompson
17. Pretty much any collection of Samuel Beckett's poetry
18. Kevin Connolly's poetry collections
19. Invisible Cities By: Italo Calvino
20. Saturday By: Ian Mcewan
21. Jane Eyre By: Charlotte Bronte
22.The love song of J.Alfred Prufrock By: T.S Elliot
23. The Hollow Man By: T.S Elliot
24. The Raven By: Edgar Allan Poe