Social Media Secrets: Here’s How I post multiple times per day

Social media isn't something you have to log into multiple times per day to master. 

And my whole approach to social media reflects that.

Because the truth is, even though I seem like I'm on it multiple times per day, I'm not actually.

How I hack social media:

All I did was master a few social media automation tools that have allowed me to master the algorithm. 

And it has definitely worked for me over the long-term.  

For instance, did you know that my Twitter account went from 900 to over 2,000 followers in approximately a year and a half?

But what's my secret anyways?

Today we're going to break things down, and unveil what social media tactics I use every single day.

social media strategies

1) Let the tools do the math

The right place at the right time means something different for everyone.

And that can seem a bit overwhelming.

But the cool thing is that all social media management tools have settings that do all the thinking for you.

Technically, you can use these tools to post whenever you want, but these settings are worth turning on, to get better results.

For instance, here's how it works on Buffer:

First, log in to your Buffer account.

Then, click the schedule bar. See screenshot below to figure out where it is:

social media automation screenshot

And then, click on the blue "try our optimal timing tool." See below:

social media automation demo 2

And then, this should show up on screen:

social media automation 3 demo

Click the blue "calculate times" button and then a graph, like this will show up on screen:

social media automation demo 4

All you have to do is click the blue "Replace Existing Schedule" button and ta'da! 

Co-Schedule tactics:

I also use Co-Schedule, for throwing in blog content and service promotion at non-annoying times.

First of all, I find a blank space in the calendar interface. Notice how Wednesday is empty:

coschedule social media

So I'll hover on the right side of the screen and hit the plus sign that will show up.and then I'll have a few options to choose from:

And then I'll have a few options to choose from:

CoSchedule step 2 social

Next, I'll click on the social campaign button.

And then this will show up on screen:

CoSchedule Social media campaign

So let's call this "test demo" and hit the "Create Social Campaign. " But you can call it whatever you want.

But you can call it whatever you want.

And then you'll have four different default time to choose from:

coschedule options for social

Plus a "custom date" option:

custom date coschedule social

For all the different options, you can also customize images, text, URLs, and your preferred social media platforms:

CoSchedule customize social

The best part of this?

This involves doing zero math, technical voodoo, or research!

Once you share the campaign, CoSchedule will figure out the right time for you, and you won't even have to think about it.

2) Use Apps that fill in empty gaps in your profiles:

Social media is a super involved process.

And, as I said in the round up post I participated in recently:

I've never liked how much effort is required to promote blog posts and my latest offers.

So a lot of gaps need to be filled in, such as personalization, content promotion, and gaps in the profiles I don't check all that often.

Not only do I pre-schedule content, but I also use a lot of tools to automatically stuff on my social media profiles, that fit certain criteria.

And I highly recommend doing the same as well!

For instance, here's a Zapier formula that I have set up for my Pinterest account:

Zapier social media

This one was a real live saver because Pinterest is good for business but I don't enjoy logging in.

All I really had to do, is give Zapier access to both profiles, fill out a few details about where I want things to go, and hit the "on" button.

Same rules apply to this IFTTT applet that I use so that I can personalize my profile, through also letting readers know what I'm reading:

buffer IFTTT social

Not to mention, there are hundreds more.

If you've got a social media app or pretty much any other app set up, chances are there's an IFTTT applet or Zapier zap for automating the mundane/time-consuming parts of using these apps every day.

3) Have a meaningful convo with your audience:

Although I'm all about automating your social media posts, what you're posting is just as valuable as when.

The real reason why I automate is because I prefer to have more time for interacting with followers in a much more meaningful way, while not feeling like social media is making it hard to meet deadlines and answer client emails.

Three times a week, I schedule time in my social media calendar to top up my CoSchedule and Buffer calendar.

And it's always when I'm starting my day.

What really helps is the fact that I'm part of a lot of creative entrepreneurs and blogging focused Facebook groups.

So, three times a week I share other peoples' content in exchange for other participants in the Facebook group sharing my content in return.

How I do this:

My followers are a combination of creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing professionals.

Therefore, three times a week I pick and choose content that they will find an extremely helpful part of their everyday life. 

That way, they're not just having promo links thrown at them 24/7. 

And if someone has a question, retweets something I wrote, or just wants to just say thank you for sharing their content, I'll log in and respond.

And, if something that I care about happens, or a shocking international event happens I'll make a point of showing my solidarity.

Just the act of only logging in to respond to other people, actually makes people want to engage with my content regularly.

4) Revive Old Posts:

I've produced a lot of content, both for my blog and for other websites.

Therefore, content that I've produced in the past, can often come in handy months later.

And because I know that's the case, I'll often promote old content, whenever it seems like a really good idea, that also applies to current audience interests.

WordPress tactics:

If you have a WordPress blog, I highly recommend the Revive Old Posts Plugin.

And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. 

When it's turned on WordPress will automatically post old content, that goes as far back as you want.

It will also use relevant hashtags to reach users that aren't already following your social media account.

CoSchedule Tactics:

When you first signup for CoSchedule, you can link it up to any, self-hosted WordPress blog.

Once your blog is linked to CoSchedule, not only will your posts be included in your CoSchedule Calendar, but you'll also be able to promote published blog content anytime you want.

The default settings are:

  • Same day as published at the best time
  • A day after published at the best time
  • A week after published at the best time
  • A month after published at the same time

 You can maximize your reach, and get the attention of people who might not have seen your content the first time, by publishing content at all four times.

When relevant, I'll also use the same interface to reshare old guest posts that might still be appealing to my readers months later.

Now get movin'

The most important takeaway that I want you to get out of this post, is the fact that social media mastery is less about numbers and more about posting strategically while reaching the right person.

And if you use either the tools that I mentioned or something with a similar interface, then the process will be a lot less overwhelming.

The best part of all this is the fact that you'll spend more time giving your audience and your clients well deserved attention, and less time trying to think of the perfect Tweet.

And, if you're still stumped, check out one of my strategy sessions to get your content on the right track!

And of course, feel free to share your favorite social media strategies in the comment section below.

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    1. Thanks, and yeah…Buffer is awesome! I find that the Revive Old Posts Plugin is a good add-on because it’s just automatic, and you can set it as far back as you want. Good evergreen content tool for sure. Even better if you have a lot of content, and want it to automatically reach people months, sometimes even years after it has been published.

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