Post-Travel Reflection

It's been a while. I know. It's been two days since my early morning flight from Paris to home, which symbolized the end of my Euro journey. Throughout my journey there were so many people to meet, things to see, and places to go that the only time where I could stop to think for lengthy period of time was before bed, and during meal times. I'm still, slowly getting back to normal from a schedule point of view. Over the past two days I managed to get a blog post I promised Lokafy that I'd write about my Paris experiences done (publication day TBA), did some errands, went for a jog, and got the chance to unpack. In other words: everything is well on its way back to normal. One of my favourite parts of France is the fact that they really appreciate good art there. Shakespeare And Company, Paris' English language bookstore is one of the best bookstore I've ever been in, with an enormously diverse collection. Shakespeare And Company is also a thriving business, amongst both English speaking locals, and tourists. If you look closer, at the Eiffel Tower you will see the names of diverse French writers. Plus there's beautiful graffiti art and architecture. Everytime I go to England it's a refreshing adventure, because it's a culture that's literally embedded in both my blood and my upbringing. I fit in instantly when I go there. English culture definitely influenced who I am as a person, despite the fact I was born and raised in Canada. I still remember the only relationship advice my English grandmother has ever given me, and it was so wise I now want to apply it to the broad range of relationships in my life: "Me and my husband, we never fought. Whenever we got cross with each other we ended our argument with a really good laugh." Coming home was anti-climactic because I guess the places I visited really started to grow on me but once I found myself walking on familiar streets, and slept in my own bed for the first time in ten days the familiar started to be equally as comforting. Every time I travel I get to know myself a little better. For instance, this time around I learned that new places, and places I haven't been in awhile always have at least a day adjustment period where I'm fidgety and not a hundred percent "with it." It also clears my head, creatively and personally. It's actually kind of nice to be home, and I think I appreciate it more. I have some work to do but I'm so refreshed, and content, that I'm getting back to it enthusiastically. The future is never 100% certain but I feel as if I can face it in a manner that's a lot more resilient.

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