Part 1 of the photo/storytelling project

So the story I wanted to self- publish went in an unexpected and interesting direction. I basically researched every single binding method possible for chapbooks and came to the conclusion that everything it involved (except for the actual story) was something I suck at and I didn't really manage to find anyone to help me. This is what I decided on after a long period of time of experimenting since it was something I could actually do. This is part 1 of the Original Noise photo storytelling project. Each photo is placed in a particular order and that order relates to a story that relates to the photos. I tell the story and record the audio and match the audio up to the photos. There are more to come. This one is called "The Search For The Ideal Space" as you will find from the moment the audio begins. Enjoy and thanks for listening! The original video doesn't work: please see video in original blogspot post:

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