Original noise audio project

Hello and welcome to my first blog entry as a wordpress and custom domain user. I've decided to start off my new material through posting unshared, old audio by yours truly. They're a series of stories/poems that were compiled together as something I call  " the Original Noise Story Project". I've had some difficulty posting audio and video but after reading an article in the wordpress forums I think I may of figured it out. One summer, instead of doing what most 20 somethings do in their spare time I recorded readings of some of my stories and poems and I've been wanting to share them for a while so here they are, for the first time shared publicly. The one exception is  "The search for the ideal space". If you used to read my blog in its early, blogspot days you may of seen a video version of "the search for the ideal space", with pictures meant to relate to what was going on in the story, synched with audio. Here's a recording of "Original Noise audio Project". You must sign in to dropbox and download the link provided for it to work.


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