No matter what, I want to always keep things authentic

If you browse my website, you'll notice that I use the word "authentic," more than I use any other word in the English language. That's not just a coincidence because that's something that I take really, really seriously. I don't just bring the authenticity levels up several notices because I want to, I also do it because people respond positively to it. I live in an urban landscape, with a massive amount of concrete high-rises filling the air. Even though I'm used to it by now, on my bad days, I really, really notice how much artificialness there is everywhere I look. If I turn to my right there's a billboard trying to sell me something, if I look at my smartphone there's someone trying to sell me something, if I turn on my TV there's also someone trying to sell me something. There are far too many people in this world trying to sell something, without making it seem as friendly and familiar as the people I talk to every single day. I see that as a problem, and I want to do something about it. I also live in a society, where you're measured based on how nice your car is, and working non-stop is a bragging right. Don't get me wrong, work is important, and it's okay to have nice things, but what about the little things, like sharing a moment with another human being, or doing something exciting for the first time? When freelancing became the most feasible option for me, I wanted to write copy that got people's attention, the same way, a moment that they truly treasure would likely get their attention. In other words: I was more interested in making content a direct conversation, instead of a process that involves shoving value down peoples' throats. If you get nothing else out of this post, I want you to remember this: you don't have to sell your ideas with conventional advertisements. That's one of the best parts of this era we're living in. You don't have to be a genius at writing, or a professional cinematographer, to do something creative when promoting your ideas. If you're trying to get the word out there about your work, I encourage you to take risks and be bold. Use the skills that you have at your disposal, and do something that's not "just another ad campaign." People love it when you tell them about your cool idea, in a casual, memorable, relatable way that they can definitely relate to. If you're ever really, really stuck, always remember that we can always work together!

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Hi, I’m Rosemary, and I’m a copywriter, editor, and content strategist that specializes in website and blog content for B2C retail and E-Commerce brands. My goal is to help businesses break the communication barriers between consumers and the products they purchase in their everyday lives. So where might you have seen my work? I’ve been featured on popular sites, such as ProBlogger, Search Engine Journal, and Stories by Buffer, and I’ve worked with brands such as E-Bay and Yellowpages. When I’m not working on client projects or studying for my Editing classes, I’m often consuming large amounts of coffee, while enjoying old crime dramas, or listening to indie rock. For more info about my work visit my website,