My Take On Writer Burnout

I've grown up around a lot of creative people, and many of the people that matter the most to me are creative people, in some shape or form. As a result, I've seen them at their best, coming up with brilliant, innovative ideas, but I've also seen them all, when they're experiencing burnout. Burnout is a very common problem amongst not only writers, but all kinds of creative people, and has a lot of different causes. Although I don't have a Psychology background this is an issue I've repetitively witnessed firsthand. It can happen to anyone but there's a lot of different ways to fight against it: Spend Time With Loved Ones Is Definitely Helpful This is the third time in the past year I've stressed how important this is, via my blog. A large percentage of (not all) writers and creative types sometimes get so submerged in their ideas that it's easy for entire days to fly by, without making time for the people we love. It's not necessarily anti-social behaviour; a large percentage of creative people, that are in it for all the right reason love their work too much.In this case, not only is it a great way to talk through the problem at hand, but it's a great way to replenish and recuperate creativity. Take A Break, It's Totally Okay Even if it's just for a short walk to the grocery store or local Coffee Shop, as soon as that burnout hits taking a break is super important. A lot of the creative people I know are at their happiest when they're being productive, and that's pretty damn fantastic, but if you don't put time aside, for chilling out, and doing nothing specific the creative juices won't function properly. Get Rid Of That Fairy Tale Like Belief In Muses And Inspiration The truth is I don't believe in muses and inspiration, because I found that it was limiting my creativity too much.It's everywhere unfortunately. A common habit of contemporary journalists, that I've noticed, is the tendency to ask artistic people what their inspirations are. It's a nice idea, the idea of something, or someone causing ideas to transmit to your brain but not necessarily realistic. But what does that have to do with burnout? A lot. Waiting around for that magical muse to give you new ideas negatively affects your creativity, because you depend on them/it too much. A wise writer once said that if you want to write, just sit your ass in a chair and write. That's 100% true especially if it's a form of income. Switching It Up Can Make A Huge Difference When I first started ghostwriting I experienced burnout by the time the site I wrote content for, went live because I was writing the same thing, with the same formula, for weeks on end. It was nice to get a paycheque by the end of it I was experiencing writer's burnout, and my motivation to write diminished temporarily. But what is writer's burnout? Here's an article that explains it extremely well. One of my favourite parts of freelance writing are writing pitch emails, and all I had to do, was spend some time doing research, on a few places, that I was interested in pitching, to get back in my groove. Don't Forget To Do Things That Energize Your Creativity Although I don't believe in muses I definitely believe that there are things such as a good conversation, a good book, or a brilliantly composed album or song that can do positive things, for a person's creativity. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably know I'm a huge fan of the AMC TV Series, The Walking Dead. Its lead actor, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, on the show, is a great example of this. I have seen interviews with him, where he says that he prepares for each and every take, by listening to music that relates to whatever his character is going through. Always remember that experiencing burnout is a normal, but preventable thing. Although it won't necessarily cure itself directly addressing it, whenever it happens will help you get rid of it.

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