This past month I joined an ambitious, Toronto and Paris based start-up called Lokafy.  Lokafy is a rare, refreshing perspective on travel, I don't see or hear about enough. Lokafy is a opprotunity to work with a dedicated, intelligent, competent team of bloggers, writers, and vloggers, from across the GTA. Lokafy was created in order to make travel all about people, and not just the places they stay, and the buildings they visit. Travellers have the opportunity to meet Lokafy hosts, with mutual interests. Lokafy hosts are regular people, connecting with travellers, on a personal level, that provide travellers with a local perspective, on a specific city's highlights. Starting this June my weekly interviews, with Lokafy hosts will make bi-weekly appearances on the company's blog. The objective of the interviews: talking to Lokafy's hosts about their experiences and favourite parts of Toronto. Lokafy's writing team are working on articles about travel and Toronto life so if you want to keep up with our work for the company's blog, take a look at the website, starting in June:  (http://lokafy.com). On an unrelated note this site has had a shortage of new content this past year, so starting this week I'm going to start making a weekly commitment to writing, and posting new content. Stay tuned for two new blog posts: one on the advantages and disadvantages of writing contests for writers, and one on productive, healthy ways for writers to handle rejection. In the meantime, if you're reading this, and you're a potential, present, or past client you might want to check out my site's about me page, located below the heading, where my name is listed. I'm always open to working with new clients, so if you're interested in working with me, visit my site's contact me page, and your message will automatically show up in my inbox.

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Hi, I’m Rosemary, and I’m a copywriter, editor, and content strategist that specializes in website and blog content for B2C retail and E-Commerce brands. My goal is to help businesses break the communication barriers between consumers and the products they purchase in their everyday lives. So where might you have seen my work? I’ve been featured on popular sites, such as ProBlogger, Search Engine Journal, and Stories by Buffer, and I’ve worked with brands such as E-Bay and Yellowpages. When I’m not working on client projects or studying for my Editing classes, I’m often consuming large amounts of coffee, while enjoying old crime dramas, or listening to indie rock. For more info about my work visit my website, www.rosemaryrichings.com.