It's Family Day!

Oh right, it's family day today. That's one of the parts of freelancing that's the weirdest. Stat holidays don't necessarily determine whether or not you're working. What is Family Day really? A celebration of family maybe? Well....technically yes, formally on the other hand well... I don't think so. Apparently it's a government regulated day off for people to spend time hanging out with their families. The thing is most people I know see it as an opportunity to relax, and do nothing. Guess what? It rarely involves family. It's like Labour Day except it happens to be in the middle of winter. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and that's got a way more interesting story. Saint Valentine had a really violent death, and we celebrate his martyrdom by giving each other flowers, roses, and cards that invoke warm fuzzies. Go figure, eh? Our society is funny like that. My Valentine's Day was awesome this year. Walking Dead premiered its first new episode in months, and I watched it with the three groups of people that make Valentine's Day worth it: my S.O, the TWD family, and my real family. I'm also a massive Daryl Dixon fan girl so that scene where he blows up an entire biker gang with a rocket launcher was one of the best parts of my day. So many things are closed today, and it's brutally cold outside so I guess today is a quiet stay at home day. I miss my Jimmy's Coffee based work days. Haven't done that in like...two weeks (nearly.) It got to the point where I was spending too much money on coffee so I decided to switch to exclusively home-based freelance work for a bit. Will probably switch it up a bit and do my work at Jimmy's at least once this week. There's a lot of work to do this week, and it will be really good for my focus. Had a really restful weekend so I'm ready to get back to work again soon. I ended last week on a pretty chill note. One of my clients met up with me in person to discuss a new project, while treating me to a delicious lunch.    

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