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I like most eager recent graduates am in this nostalgic transitional phase. That's right folks your loveable blogger is graduating from university soon. I wanted to dedicate this blog entry to Glendon's bilingual newspaper, Pro Tem the newspaper that has solidified the path I chose to pursue and has given me the courage to chase after writing and entry level editing jobs that I didn't used to have the courage to apply to a couple years ago because I didn't think I was ready. I just wanted to say that the confidence comes not just from the way Pro Tem looks on a resume but the positive effect the strong, independent, multi-talented, ambitious women I've had the privilege of putting together the paper with this past year have had on me. They are the women with ambition that the world needs more of. I never knew that a paper that has a name that's Latin for temporary name would have so much potential. No matter who you are there's nothing more important than being part of things that help you realize your inner potential in a way that surprises and amazes you. That's why I have done a short, sweet blog tribute to Pro Tem Newspaper. My last article as an editor of Pro Tem was a music review of concert series that happened at my university campus. I have always loved music and have written about music since I was a teenager but my experiences writing this particular concert review are what made me want to apply to be a Blog T.O music reviewer as soon as I found out the position was available (see attached j-peg below):

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