FAQ pages that ask the right questions: get it right

FAQ pages. How important are they really?

If you ask Google that question, it's actually a 50/50 split for both sides of the argument.

Here's what happened when I searched for other people's opinions on FAQ pages:

FAQ pages debate

But why is this the case?

Because all businesses have different preferences for their websites.

And that's okay.

Why FAQ pages?

FAQ pages are where skeptics hang out online. Click To Tweet

But where the heck is that statement coming from?

Go to any business's FAQ page, and you'll notice a pattern.

All of the questions directly address concerns.

Interested in creating your own FAQ page?

Today I'm going to help you find the right FAQ questions for your product or service.

FAQ page

1) Ask a friend

Want to get an outsider perspective on your product or service before it's out there?

Ask a friend. 

More specifically, ask a friend that's not afraid to be critical.

One that will go beyond just straight-forward praise.

Then, just get them to take a look at your offer.

Once they take a look at your offer encourage them to ask questions.

Encourage them to look at it as if they didn't know you.


Most importantly:

Tell them to bring up any questions, comments, or concerns that immediately pop into their minds.

Note those questions, and consider including them on your FAQ page.

Chances are your clients will have these questions as well. 

2) Ask yourself: "why?"

Want to look at your FAQ page from your customer's perspective?

Just start brainstorming!

Ask yourself the following:

What would stop people from saying "yes" to this product?

Is it money? 

Then you may need to write a blurb about your rates to justify your costs.

Is it tight deadlines?

Then you might want to give them a sense of how long it takes you to complete a task.

Do you have no idea how long it takes you to complete a task?

As I mentioned recently, in my guest blog post that was published last week:

Doing a practice round of the freelance work you specialize in can help you figure out how much time you'll need to complete a task.

Make a list of your customer's potential excuses for not buying your product, to make your FAQ page a whole lot better. Click To Tweet

Write your FAQ page based on the list that you came up with.

3) Look no further than your clients

This step only applies if you already have clients. If not, you should check out my post on things that my experiences with freelancing have taught me before you officially dive in.  

Let's assume that you already have clients, or you have at least some projects under your belt.

Here are two ways you can get client feedback that will help you write your FAQ page:

  1. Send current and past clients a feedback survey, and provide awesome incentives such as feedback, or a discount, special offer, etc.
  2. Go through your old emails and see what prospective clients asked you in the past, and what your current clients are often curious about before you start a project

This will make seeing things from the perspective of your ideal audience a hundred times easier.

4) Don't forget your Unique Selling Point

No matter what you specialize in, there's always someone or something clients can choose instead.

I know that sounds harsh.

But... the sooner you confront just how true that really is, the better.

Develop a really solid elevator pitch and stick to it.

And don't forget to include it on your FAQ page!

It's safe to assume that your clients will wonder why hiring you is worth it.

Give them an answer so that they know if you're a good fit.

Other Things to consider:

Now that I've walked you through the FAQ brainstorming process you're probably wondering if FAQ pages are the right choice for your website.

Well...let's put it this way:

It depends.

Although an FAQ page will answer your customer's questions but it's not the right choice for all websites.

If either your web copy or your services are pretty self-explanatory on their own, don't it.

Are you worried that you might scare away potential clients? Don't do it!

If the questions seem like they might waste less time for both of you, why not?

If you want to get rid of any doubts that your customers might have about your product, go for it!

The secret to a successful FAQ page is getting to know your company and your customers a little bit better.

Is the FAQ page writing process a little bit overwhelming? Check out my hire me page for more info about my applicable services. 

And of course, feel free to share your struggles, questions, and experiences with FAQ pages in the comment section below.

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