Dressember: my experiences

Hi Readers: For the last 11 days I've participated in a quirky fashion challenge/ charitable cause called Dressember. Its purpose: raising money for International Justice Foundation (IJM)'s anti-slavery and anti-sex trafficking campaign although because it was started by a group of friends who thought it would be fun to try wearing dresses throughout the month of December celebrating femininity and wearing dresses all month long is the fun part (of course). Choosing a dress instead of something like pants or some sort of shirt is a powerful statement because it's a daily commitment to wearing a type of clothing with such specific gender performance connotations. I studied English in school so it's one of those things I geek out about with other current and ex-Drama and English majors when we run out of things to talk about therefore if you are reading this and are mildly confused by what I just said look up "Judith Butler Performance Theory" online. No I'm not kidding I literally spent time in a bar with friends halloween night arguing about whether or not Judith Butler's performance theory is a truthful representation of people's instinctive behaviour and gender expectations. Anyways...back on topic... One of the core values of Dressember is the fact that you can do anything in a dress. It does mean what it sounds like but it also means something deeper than that. It's all about living your daily life while wearing an item of clothing on your back that screams the word "feminine" and no matter what it is you do in your everyday life while you wear it and "perform" that gender based symbol that's totally cool. To many of you this will sound like common sense but in order to understand what Dressember really is think for a moment about gender inequality stuff that happens worldwide, think about things like sexual assault, and abuse, and all the other freaky stuff that alarmingly large amounts of women worldwide face, and then think again about what Dressember really means when it proudly says "you can do anything in a dress." That's what Dressember is really about. It's about recognizing instead of taking for granted the privilege of wearing your gender without scrutiny, threats, and judgement while raising money for a cause that helps others that don't have that type of privilege. I'm trying to raise $300 for IJM's Dressember cause by the end of the month. Thus far I've had no luck. You can find my fundraising page via the following link: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise?fcid=371170%20%E2%80%A6 For more information about Dressember check out their beautifully designed website:http://www.dressemberfoundation.org/#!about/csgz. I'm posting Dressember photo logs on my twitter feed daily in order to share my Dressember moments with social media followers till December 31st: @rosiemay_r. Please donate whatever you can and share my Dressember fundraising page and this blog entry on social media. thanks so much and happy December/Dressember, Rosemary

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