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Dear readers, I'm now officially looking for guest bloggers. No I can not pay anyone for their contribution but have decided I love the idea of adding the point of view of other writers or just people in general who are passionate about something relevant to the blog and want to write about it. This call for guest bloggers isn't representative of R.M.R's Writing Space becoming something it's not so much as a need for it to advance as a blog. If and when I get guest writers R.M.R's Writing Space will stick to its usual content  with myself as the lead writer but I'm wanting to also include other writers with all levels of background in writing as occasional, guest writers. R.M.R's Writing Space is a five year old blog documenting my journey as someone pursuing writing and working on the occasional creative project. It also includes opinion pieces on writing, theatre, movies, and music. I like alternative perspectives so don't send me an article on the latest in celebrity gossip or a rant about how much you love the latest teen music sensation. I admire originality, flamboyant quirkiness, people who tell stories fearlessly from a point of view that's raw and often challenging to showcase publicly,  and experimentation so if any of that sounds like you then welcome home and I'd love to include your writing on my blog! R.M.R's Writing Space used to also be the first peek at fiction works in progress but that's no longer a smart idea so I'm no longer including any fiction or poetry. If interested email me at: ideally with what you're thinking of writing about based on the above criteria but if you don't have an ideas I'm sure we can work something out, brainstorming ideas with people is something I'm happy to do and love doing. all the best, your usual blogger, Rosemary

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Hi, I'm Rosemary, AKA Rosie, and I'm a web & blog content creator, editor, and manager that creates and edits online, B2C and marketing content. I help small business owners & marketing professionals like you transform your brand into a relevant & worthwhile part of your customer's everyday life. Publication credits include Stories By Buffer, ProBlogger, and Weebly Inspiration Center, and more.

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