Blogs that are good for business

Blogs are something I read a lot of.

But the thing is, you have to look really carefully to find the ones that aren't a huge waste of time.

Because unfortunately, with the growing need for content, there's far too much fluff content on the internet.

And if your goal is to grow a business, and learn something worthwhile from what you read quality is far more important than quantity.

Blogs that I adore

Before I introduce you to my favorite blogs, I just wanted to give you an introduction to what I consider to be "good".

A high-quality blog post isn't about length, how much research you do, or how pretty your pictures are.

A good blog post starts with a really good story or even just a clever joke or anecdote to reel people in, and get personal and authentic

Then, it talks about an idea or concept that actually means something to the reader, that they can use in a specific environment or context.

This idea or concept then provides information with substance, that will then change the way that people actively do whatever the post happens to be focusing on.

The blogs that I'm about to introduce you to have changed the ways in which I tend to do business.

And I hope that they will have the same impact on your business as well.

blogs you should read

1), Leah Kalamakis

The Freelance to Freedom Project is a blog, online community, and a series of online courses, that teach creative people how to find freedom, and run a thriving business.

Rather than: 

  • Being one big success story, that acts like the struggles that it took to get there never happened
  • Encouraging people to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements
  • Or: acting like the freelance lifestyle is "easy"

Leah (and occasionally guest contributors) explore what's possible and strategies you can use to transform these possibilities into a reality.

But the best part about the Freelance to Freedom is the fact that it's also a strong, passionate community.

I've been part of both its Facebook groups for about a year now.

And every moment I spend in the Freelance to Freedom project groups is extremely worthwhile.

But why exactly do I love it?

Because it has allowed me the amazing opportunity to meet people online, with extremely diverse specialties. 

And all the members are facing the same ups and downs of the online business life that I face daily

2), Rachel Allen

The first adjective that comes to mind when I describe Rachel's blog is...


But why exactly is this the case?

Because it takes everything you think you know about communicating what you're selling and why people should care, and challenges your expectations.

Rachel is a copywriter that works exclusively with small business owners.

And her blog deals with everything from the nitty-gritty steps involved in researching your ideal audience, to the writing process involved in creating a web page or writing a blog post.

The one thing about marketing that has always left an icky feeling in my mouth is a technique that I don't see enough: 

The process of customizing the experience based on what a very specific audience, with very specific characteristics actually wants to see, read, hear, etc.

Because all you have to do is watch people's annoyed reaction to ads to know that no one wants to be force fed stuff they don't care about.

The cool thing about Rachel's blog is the following:

She makes it her mission to make sure that people are treating their customers like people rather than dollar bills.

3), Jorden Roper

Jorden Roper provides weekly, no bullshit, actionable advice on successfully becoming a freelance writer.

And every word is jam-packed with passion and confidence.

Jorden's posts are like a feisty big brother or sister that will tell you everything you're doing is wrong, or kick someone's ass if they have to.

On her blog, you'll find her take on everything from finding work as a freelancer to setting up your website to useful "know hows" such as: 

Selecting a WordPress theme, building an audience, and cold pitching a business.

Both Jorden Roper's blog and also her work as a B2B writer/writing coach are proof that...

You don't need a degree or a certain amount of experience to get started as a writer in an online-dominated world.

And that's a pretty crucial reminder, considering that:

Sites like Upwork are a thing, and far too many creatives assume they're "not ready" to charge a livable rate.

Instead, she prioritizes something far more important:

Strategic, persistent marketing and finding a niche.

4), Preston D. Lee

It doesn't matter what you're freelance specialty is. 

Because Millo is there to help all types of freelancers, at all stages of their careers.

Although a large percentage of the writers are all designers, the blog has also featured creatives with diverse backgrounds.

And the best part of Millo is its practical tips and tricks.

The Millo team blogs about the business, financial, and client relationships parts of freelancing. 

So if you're looking for tips on everything from...

Getting started as a freelancer to writing your first contract this blog is a really useful resource. 

5), Joanna Wiebe & Lance Jones

If you're trying to sell literally anything online, you need persuasive, usable, and engaging web copy.

And that's exactly why this blog exists.

The blog was founded by...

  • An experienced copywriter
  • And: a web content optimization specialist

It's also a great place to go if you want to learn about some aspect of...

The growth marketing or copywriting process, or even just the everyday ups and downs of working for yourself.

For instance, the blog has featured everything from articles on writing persuasive sales emails, to how to raise your rates if you're a freelance copywriter.

6), Kathleen Shannon & Tara Street

Braid Creative is an essential resource for creative people.

But why is that the case?

Because it covers branding, visioning, and how to create content that attracts your ideal client.

When I first started freelancing I thought branding was something that only large companies do.

But the lovely ladies at Braid taught me that the most beneficial weapon that entrepreneurs have at their disposal is...

The power to win clients over by not being afraid to celebrate whatever makes you...!

7), Violeta Nedkova

Speaking of branding, another essential branding resource is Violeta's blog.

Especially if you're a creative person that's kind of...bored...

Of having no one else to learn from except for those that claim to be "experts."

I'm sure a lot of bloggers, including me, have told you that authenticity is important.

Yet Violeta takes that one step further, and teaches you how to unlock your own voice, without hiding behind social media fakery or... 

Bullshit, overnight success stories.

And it also does something equally as important:

It reminds readers to...

Prioritize self-care while giving those that say that creative professions are impossible the middle finger.

8), Elna Cain & Alicia Rades

Freelancer FAQs is a Q&A resource for freelance writers.

And the best part of it is that all of its writers are professional writers.

So you're not exactly hearing from people who "think" they know what they industry is like.

If you're looking for advice on everything from...

Motivation, to starting out, running a freelance business, writing better content, and the money parts of freelancing.

This is a good starting point!

In fact, this is the site that I recommend first and foremost to friends and peers that express interest in getting started as a freelance writer.

9), Abigail & Emily

Think Creative Collective is run by Abigail and Emily, who know their shit when it comes to running online businesses.

Because they've been there, done that, and made mistakes that other entrepreneurs are probably making right now.

Abigail and Emily help other lady entrepreneurs:

  • Learn valuable business strategy tips and tricks
  • Grow their business authentically and sustainably
  • Optimize their productivity and profits
  • Gain confidence to put themselves out there

 And they do this by: 

  • Running a blog on topics that help their readers with all of the above
  • Producing a weekly podcast on business strategy
  • Creating business strategy-oriented courses and selling them to creative entrepreneurs

Twice a week, readers hear from a combination of TCC's founders and diverse creative entrepreneurs from all over the world.

And that opens doors to valuable advice from entrepreneurs with eclectic specialties.

10), Brian Clarke

The best part of CopyBlogger is its mission:

To teach people how to create valuable online content that... 

  • Attracts attention 
  • Drives traffic 
  • And... builds businesses.

I've learned a lot from CopyBlogger; everything from how to write start here pages to a wide variety of tips and tricks on how to build an audience that I wouldn't have uncovered on my own.

The truth is, content marketing is an industry that's always changing.

And no matter how experienced you are, this blog is a good way to keep up through reading the latest content marketing news and insights from industry experts.

Feel free to click on any of the blogs above that sound like something you want to add to your reading list.

Over to you...

What blogs, in your opinion, offer the best business advice and insight? and why do you think that?

And why do you think that?

Despite the fact that I have read a lot of blogs, I might have forgotten to mention some good ones.

So, if you have any recommendations, feel free to comment below.

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