Blogger Networking & How/Where to Pull it Off

Blogger networking will get you in front of the right audience, and maybe even lead to a high-quality, long-term client relationship.

Because if you have mutual audiences and mutual goals...

Working together will be a win/win situation for:

  • You
  • And the blogger you're working with

For instance, bloggers often refer clients to other businesses when they're either:

  • Too Busy
  • Or: not a good fit

And if you guest post for a site where your target audience hangs out...

They'll happily check out any backlinks that you include in your author bio.

In other words...

Including blogger networking in your marketing strategy will pay off over the long-term.

Low-quality blogger networking consequences

But the problem is very few people get it right.

And this leads to:

  • Spammy template messages
  • And: messages that sound like a cry for a desperate cry for help.

Because you likely don't want to be "that guy" you're probably wondering...

How can you do blogger networking the right way?

And that's exactly why I'm going to share with some of the techniques that I've used to network with other bloggers. 

blogging networking tricks online

1) Facebook Groups

I stopped using Facebook for personal, "just for fun" purposes about a year or two ago.

But one of the few reasons why I won't delete my account is because Facebook Groups have had a valuable long-term impact.

These groups have helped me get to know so many self-employed creatives, from all over the world who also blog regularly.

And the ones where my ideal clients hang out have created a bit of buzz for my online business.

Because I spend a lot of time helping people and participating in share for share-based promo threads.

So if you want to get on the radar of a blogger, join a Facebook group in whatever your niche subject happens to be.

Because I'm not the only one that has had a valuable experience while participating in Facebook groups.

In fact, in Facebook groups, people ask for everything from recommendations to collaboration requests all the bloody time!

Top Three Groups for Finding Bloggers

The Freelance to Freedom Project

The FTF facebook group blogger networking

The Freelance to Freedom Project Facebook group's one and only goal is to act as a supportive community for creative freelancers's also a great place to meet diverse, creative people from all over the world.

Everyone eagerly helps each other out, to compensate for the biggest downside of the freelance lifestyle: 

The lack of people to talk to and bounce ideas off of. 

And many of the group's creatives also use blogging to get the word out there about their service-based business.

So if you want to get to know some bloggers, join the conversation, by helping people from time to time, and participating in weekly promo threads.

Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix blogger networking Facebook

This community is a great place to look is because is its one and only focus is on blogging and connecting with other bloggers online.

On a weekly basis, Kayla Butler, the group's admin provides posts weekly threads where bloggers can do everything from:

 Connecting with each other on social media to sharing their latest posts, to setting up collaborations/ getting feedback.

So if you want to successfully use this group for blogger networking, find out when the weekly threads are and start participating.

Writing Revolters

writing revolters blogger networking Facebook

Writing Revolters is a community jam-packed with professional writers that are either actively working as writers, or serious about getting started.

And all of them are also either pro bloggers or pro writers that also have an active blog.

And because writing is a very solitary thing, most of them are there because they're craving the feeling of community, and want guidance from like-minded people.

So if you ever have a question or are looking for collaborators introduce yourself, be clear about what you're looking for, and the number of responses you'll get will surprise you.

 2) Comment and participate in high-traffic blogs' discussions

A great way to get on the radar of other bloggers is to regularly comment on niche-relevant, high-traffic blogs.

But how do you figure out which ones are getting the highest amount of traffic?

Start off by using tools such as:

And also take a look at what niche-related blogs are getting the highest number of recommendations.

If you join the discussions on blogs that are doing well within your niche, on a regular basis, people will:

  •  Remember you and want to learn more
  • Be much more likely to become a social media follower or subscriber over the long-term

And whatever you do, don't forget to share their posts.

Because social media algorithms will be much more likely to work in your favour.

And the reasons why these algorithms are so important is because...

  • You'll be much more likely to show up as a recommended follower within the network of popular blogs' readers suggested followers list, via platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • And...the attention that every piece of content that you produce gets will increase

In fact, a blog about blogging and owning an online business that I follow is a frequent source of web traffic for that exact reason.

3) Get on Medium Digest

There's a reason why so many bloggers and content marketers have Medium Digest accounts.

The main reason why this is the case is that it gives content creators access to an instant audience.

And this audience is automatically based on Facebook and Twitter followers that already have a Medium account.

Not to mention, Medium Digest is good for web traffic.

In fact, if you check out my Medium Digest page once a week, you'll notice that I republish all of my blog posts on Medium Digest for that exact reason.

And I do this by having an active IFTTT formula that automatically publishes a duplicate copy of my latest blog post on Medium, everytime a new one is published.

And I'm not the only blogger that uses similar techniques.

If you check out Medium Digest you'll likely find a blogger in pretty much every single niche.

So if you want to network with bloggers, get a Medium Digest page, publish content, and start following like-minded writers.

StumbleUpon and Pocket are also great companions for Medium Digest because they're both content focused platforms.

4) Reddit & Quora

Reddit and Quora are both about asking questions and getting answers.

Because that's what they focus on, both forums are filled with bloggers and content marketers.

And the reason why that's the case is that it's an amazing opportunity to help people and gain a reputation within a large community as a subject matter expert. 

It's also a great place to check out if you're low on ideas and want to know what your audience wants to know more about.

So if want to try out blogger networking, this a great place to look, because bloggers and content marketers log into both platforms on a daily basis.

And...over to you:

Have you ever tried to network with bloggers? How did it go, what techniques did you use, and what did you use it for? Feel free to comment in the comment section below.

And if your reasons for trying out blogger-focused networking is because you want to promote your content, click here to learn more about my content strategy session options.

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  1. I did NOT know there was an IFTTT for WP > Medium. BRILLIANT. Will absolutely implement that 🙂 And great tips all over, like the Facebook groups (I found you through one of them but didn’t know the other two!).

    Bookmarking and sharing this post!

    1. Yeah! And it’s great for web traffic. For sure worth trying out. Glad you found it useful :)! And yeah, found you through the same group, along with a lot of really other interesting bloggers too. You should for sure check out the other two groups. The communities are actually quite similar.

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