Animal night

Far into the night
the visitors have come and gone

Never do we notice
the sleepy change

in territory
of watched all day

and control
all time

the visitors
don't question

but listen
and watch

to the photos
and non-stop noise

always loudly
until they close the doors

And bid us

far into the night
we're free at last

the time is ours
and the visitors can't see

as animals in cages
for far too long

in fascination
don't think

it's only the visitors
who feel this way

always loudly
our noises

all noise
we make

far into
the middle of the night

if you listen

if your close enough
to our zoo

you'll hear us animals
in the far off night

of hearing

for drowned
we are

by the night time

listen carefully
here comes a hidden reminder

that here we are
and wide awake

while your
locked up in houses

and sleeping off the day
were possibly maybe

you might of seen us
earlier in the day

now it's time for us animals
to come out and play

never did anyone know
of our ways that night

until its dawn
we'll do as we please

even though its impossible
to unlock our cage

we'll damn well

with you
when we're back again

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