A poem of identity and mystery

Hello! This piece is an interesting one indeed. It concerns a fascinating person who has so many different sides that they leave behind a mystery and uncertainty in all different ways. I won't say much more then that for the poem pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy!


I'm a little unsure
of where you go in the evening time

and when you come back
to everything

why you leave
this all behind

You leave in this place
such a mystery

and no one knows
your there

for your one of so many different

of different sides
depending on what you decide to do

Others would not expect
as you dress in fancy clothes.

and let
the camera roll

As influence of realities
in which you'll never know
steal your eyes

for that's not really you
I see

but an untrue
other side

and the missing you
has gone off somewhere

The real and true self
has disappeared

To where?
I'll never know.

- Thanks for reading!

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